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Video Store Candle


In collaboration with Super Yaki, we’re taking you back to a world of cinema novelty. Inspired by rows of possibilities and hidden gems, VIDEO STORE is a nostalgic scent that revels in the discovery and tradition that once made movie nights epic (and you don’t even have to return it).

Best enjoyed: being kind and rewinding

Fragrance Notes: 

Top - Cashmere, Bergamot 

Middle - Amber, Violet, Saffron

Base - Musk, Powder


nostalgic, musky, inviting 

11 oz 

Roughly 50 hours burn time

Reusable black glossy glass jar 3.5 inches tall 

Phthalate free fragrance oils 

100% natural soy wax 

100% cotton wick 

Hand poured in Brooklyn 

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